New Life Christian Assembly


Financial Support

Pastor Nathan and Marietta are NM appointed missionaries and are dependent upon the support of others.  If you would choose to support them on a monthly basis or if you wish to make a one time donation please choose one of the three options below.


Option 1: Give online with card or bank account by clicking below:

Give to BYKOTA Ministries - FaithStreet



Option 2:  Mail Direct to: 

Nathan & Marietta Lynch

c/o New Life Christian Assembly

P.O. Box 547

Church Rock, NM   87311-0547


Option 3:  Print out the Faith Promise form below and mail to the NM District and send monthly support to the New Mexico Ministry Network for Pastor and wife.

A NM faith promise form.pdf




1Corinthians 9:14 Along the same lines, the Master directed that those who spread the Message be supported by those who believe the Message.   (The Message Translation)


We wish to thank each of you for choosing us as your arm extended into the Navajo Nation as an Ambassador for Christ Jesus.  A choice that we do not take lightly.  Our appreciation and gratitude go out to everyone.  May God richly bless you as you help to spread the Gospel around the world.

Stewardship Resources

  • Should We Give?
    Although the topic has been abused by some in the name of religion, the Bible is very clear about giving of our resources to support the ministries that regularly contribute to our journey.