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We must meet the social as well as spiritual needs of our people.  Luke 12:48 commands us "For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required".   We have been given much and feel the command of the Lord to share with others less fortunate.  In order to minister to anyone you must first understand their needs.  We live in a Navajo community that is 20+ miles from a grocery store, hardware store, 26 miles from a Wal*Mart.  Our community has only one employer and that is the government seat with less than 20 employees.  Those who do work must drive 20+ miles into Gallup for employment.

Employment Status



Population 16 & over (employable)



In Labor force



Civilian Labor Force









   Percent Unemployed  


Not in Labor Force



With only 28.2% considering themselves employed that would give us 71.8% not working.  

Granted some of those in the 71.8% group receive SSI, Social Security, or retirement checks (usually either military or railroad workers).

Per capita income      $4,384

48.4% of all families in Pine Dale live in poverty

77% of all homes heat with wood burning stoves

Source: United States Census 2000; Extracted and formatted by LSR Innovations; November 2003

With this information in hand we felt lead to start what we call our 1018 Ministry. 

We get 1018 from this scripture.

Deuteronomy 10:18   He makes sure orphans and widows receive justice. He loves foreigners and gives them food and clothes.  (GOD'S WORD translation) 

We have been fortunate to join with other ministries that have a heart for the social needs of individuals.  We currently partner with Family Christian Ministries and others.  We have started our own Mission Based Adventure Travel Ministry that exposes individuals to missions and also assists in our ministry to widows and orphans.